About FlippingBook Online PDF Viewer

While PDFs open in a browser by default, a powerful will improve your readers’ experience with them by the mile.

Let’s compare. As a PDF, your document will have a bleak grey background, will have to be scrolled, won’t have any easy-to-use navigation or interactive features. Plus, your readers will need to download your PDF from your website or open an email attachment before they can view it.

As an online document powered by FlippingBook, your PDFs will have a lifelike look and feel, your branding—including a clickable logo leading to your website, favicon, custom color palette, and even a branded link, and interactive navigation.

What’s more, you can share not only the entire document, but a specific page, making it much easier to drive your readers’ attention to important info.

And if your readers are on their phones more often than not, thanks to high resolution text and powerful zoom, they will have no problem reading the document on any screen.